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Blue Ice Creamery
The best in-house hard-served hand-scooped Ice Cream!


Monday - Thursday: 
11AM - 9PM
Friday - Saturday
11AM - 10PM 
   **Closed on Sunday**


We are located in Eastgate Plaza
on State Route 3 in East Alton, Illinois.

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127 Eastgate Plaza
East Alton, IL  62024

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Phone: (618) 251-8769

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Owners of Blue Ice Creamery
Kyle and Kelley Shirley

This is a story about a husband and wife overcoming major hardships in life but never giving up; through a line of duty injury, 5 back surgeries, infertility, and breast cancer... this story happily ends with old fashioned hard-serve ice cream. 

The Husband - Kyle Shirley served our country for more than 20 years between the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS.) He was hurt in the line of duty in 2012 while executing an arrest warrant for a convicted felon. He has endured 5 back surgeries and although he and his Doctors knew and declared him physically fit for full duty, the USMS believed otherwise.  They stated that a deputy could not return to law enforcement after the extensive treatment he had undergone. They dismissed him and his doctor's expert opinion.  He was forced into medical retirement after years of fighting to go back to the one thing he loved, enforcing the law. 

The Wife - Kelley Shirley has worked in the judicial system for 21 years; three years at the Missouri State Court of Appeals and is now on her 18th year with the Federal Court in St. Louis, MO.  She is also a very proud breast cancer survivor of 3 years; and God willing, for many, many more years to come. 

The couple - They have been together since 2007 and have been married for almost 9 years now (August 21, 2010!) They tried to have children and after lengthy fertility treatments were thinking about IVF when she was diagnosed with cancer.  Their world shattered for a brief moment in time.  After genetic testing the results came back positive for BRCA I.  This type of genetic cancer determined that not only would she need a double mastectomy, she'd need to have her ovaries removed also. This revelation took biological children off of the table for them forever. 

That is the bad.

Here is the good. 

The stituation - As determined by the USMS, Kyle could not go back to his distinguished career in law enforcement.  So, he decided to open up an old fashioned hard-serve ice cream shop, where he makes all of the frozen treats in-house.  Odd decision, right?  Well his wife loves low fat ice cream with M&M's.  He loves to make things.  The place where they usually bought their ice cream from was sometimes out of stock and he said, "I might as well just make it for you." The ice cream seed was planted and has grown and flourished into Blue Ice Creamery.

This duo has gone through many hardships, but in the end, never gave up, never stopped having faith, and have grown as a couple and as human beings. 

Through it all, they have fought and remained positive. They are devout Christians with a supportive church family and have strong faith. They also have an amazingly loving family and friends.  What else do you truly need?

As the owners of a small local business, they realize how important the community is and appreciate the love and support shown on a daily basis. 

Kelley loves to say, "Kyle Shirley went from serving arrest warrants to serving ice cream;" life can be ironic like that sometimes. 


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